This is not a secret door!

Allegro Con Brio


Despite having lived in D.C. for 7 years, I had never been to, nor heard of, The Mansion on O Street – a sequence of 5 adjoined Victorian townhomes near Dupont. The Mansion is a super eccentric boutique hotel with 100 + rooms and 70 hidden doorways, over 30,000 spellbinding feet for your inner child to roam. Anyone who purchases a ticket is turned loose in the hotel to find as many secret passages as possible. The above photo was taken after finding a secret door behind a mirror (I’m still giggling with excitement) and discovering an entire new section of the hotel, including this 2 store staircase lined with bookshelves. Of course, there is another hidden door within the bookshelves to transport you into yet another part of the hotel, but you’ll have to find it yourself!

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